Parents of Children with Special Needs Fear Police Misunderstandings
By Julius Odtojan

Phil Buck, WTSP


TAMPA, Fla (WTSP) – Video released this week of a North Miami Police officer’s shooting a behavioral therapist while working with someone with autism sent a wave of fear throughout the special needs community.

Families across the country have had what are often difficult discussions with their kids about how to act around police in recent weeks after law enforcement shootings in Baton Rouge and Minnesota, but for people with autism and other special needs those conversations can be even more difficult.

“We, the parents of children with special needs, we’re afraid,” said Yadira Calderon, whose daughter has autism and is writing a book on helping society be more educated and accep...

10 Tips for Starting Off the School Year Right
By Julius Odtojan

School is back in session! And we have a feeling this will be your child’s best year yet. Don’t let the summer blues get you or your child down this fall. If your child has autism or behavioral challenges, by following the below tips, you can ensure that this year starts off on the right foot!

1. Prepare your child for the school year. Start talking about school at least two week before school starts. Transitioning from summer vacation to school can be difficult for a lot of children. Going over changes will help avoid confusion when school starts. Talk with your child about the new teacher, the classroom routines, and any additional information that is important for your child.2. Use visual aids. Take pictures of your child&r...