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How to Prepare a Child with Autism to Leave the House
By Julius Odtojan


Clearly explain your destination and why you’re going. If you’re taking your child out to the store or park, set their expectations with a structured plan for the day ahead of time. Allowing them to know when, why, and how long in advanced can help ease any anxieties your child may have. Be sure to inform your child if they’ll need to be going on public transportations, communicate with others, and come up with a way for them to let you know when things are beginning to get overwhelming.

•Provide an activity for your child while you’re out. If your child likes to read, allow them to bring a book or two with them to occupy themselves while you’re out shopping or running other errands. By bringing a portable hobby along with your child to help keep them focused, you’ll be able to go about your business while they read, color, or play games in the cart or stroller, keeping them feeling safe and in your sight.
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