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Starting Off the New Year Right
By Beverly Resurreccion

The New Year is a great time to jumpstart healthy habits and improve upon the progress of the previous year. Whether there is a particular area where your child needs improvement, or you are just looking to increase momentum, the following tips can ensure that you and your family start off the New Year right.

•Sit down as a family and create a checklist of things that you would like to accomplish this year. Choose goals that are practical and achievable.
•Increase the nutrition intake of your family by finding healthy replacements for old food habits. Make small changes that can be maintained.
•Incorporate more physical activities that you can do as a family to maintain a healthy lifestyle together.
•Meet with your child’s therapist(s) and teacher(s) to review last year’s progress and work together to determine goals for this year.
•Help your child prepare to go back to school after winter break by reviewing pictures of classmates and school activities to remind them of what to expect.
•Buy a photo album to put pictures in for the new year. Take pictures of your child participating in specific activities each month, so that you can review these experiences with them throughout the year and prepare for next year.
•Create a calendar with pictures of upcoming events to review with your child.
•Plan monthly activities to participate in as a family based on the interests of your child.
•Set up some play dates for your child this month.
•Don’t forget to take time to appreciate your child’s strengths and accomplishments!
Start the New Year off on a positive note by implementing these tips and setting the bar for a great year!

-Leigh Sams-Ashley