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What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy?
By Beverly Resurreccion


Not all children are the same. They don’t all learn the same way or at the same pace, communicate in the same manner or even like the same things. And at Engage Behavioral Health, we understand that every child is unique. Which is why we develop individualized programs that meet the unique needs of each child and ask caregivers to be involved the entire time.

An individualized approach

ABA Therapy is customized and uniquely targeted to the child, taking into account factors such as environmental influence and specific interests. As the leading provider of ABA Therapy, Engage Behavioral Health develops individualized programs for children with autism, Down Syndrome, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), anxiety disorders and other behavioral issues that may stand in the way of a child’s ability to successfully learn and socialize in his or her natural setting.

Scientifically proven techniques

Supported by more than 50 years of research in the field, ABA Therapy uses scientifically proven principles to identify and address behavioral challenges in children and adults. The idea is to target a client’s specific actions and apply behavioral techniques to increase or decrease these actions over time. Behavioral changes are monitored by systematic data collection to ensure that targeted behaviors are developing or declining properly. ABA Therapy has been proven effective in improving socially significant behaviors such as:

•Social skills
•Following routines
•Accepting “no”
•Tolerating delayed access to reinforcement

ABA Therapy has also been successful in developing life skills such as:

•Gross and fine motor skills
•Personal self-care
•Domestic skills
•Work skills

Hands-on care & expertise

Engage Behavioral Health provides individualized services to children and families throughout the Tampa Bay area and in Leon County in the Florida panhandle. Our ABA therapists take a “wrap-around” approach with each client by collaborating with each other, family members, school faculty, health care providers and any other influencers in a child’s life to ensure that she or he receives the care needed to maximize his or her potential. Our team members are among the most highly trained in the industry and are experts in:

•The science of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy
•Verbal behavior
•Social Skills training

Through exceptional training, unwavering compassion and unparalleled dedication, it is our team’s mission to help our clients and their families achieve success via applied behavior analysis.

Professional resources

Whether it’s for a family member, school educator or medical provider, Engage Behavioral Health equips those involved in a client’s life with exceptional resources.

For families, Engage Behavioral Health provides:

•Educational workshops and training
•Autism support websites and other online tools
•A list of recommended health care providers such as dentists, nutritionists and occupational therapists who have successfully worked with our clients

For educators, we provide:

•Lesson plans and tools that help integrate ABA methods into everyday learning
•Special needs training to increase classroom flow

For medical professionals, we provide:

•Training, coaching and support related to behavioral therapy and developmental factors of a client’s treatment
•ABA Therapy education
•Communication tools, such as a Pain Indicator Chart, which allow special needs patients to better express the problems she or he is experiencing
At Engage Behavioral Health, our ABA therapists address not only the client’s acute behavior, but also the environment in which he or she lives and learns. By focusing on these factors, ABA therapists can more successfully increase or decrease a client’s targeted behaviors over time. We invite you to learn more about what ABA Therapy and Engage Behavioral Health can do for your family.