Client Care Team

Our Philosophy

  • Always listen: To clients and co-workers needs, desires, concerns and work to appropriately address them
  • Be accessible: We are always eager and available to respond in a timely manner
  • Be solutions oriented: We will take the time to gather information, show empathy and validate concerns while also providing solutions that work for the client , co-worker and Engage.
  • Provide resources: We will go above and beyond to provide our clients and co-workers with information that will help them obtain the support they need.
  • Mutual respect and collaboration: We will communicate with respect and work towards collaborating with all clients and co-workers to complete tasks/projects

Our Motto: We Rise

We create an environment that strengthens us and promotes success;

We share our expertise, compassion, and commitment in a culture of partnership that encourages creativity, independence, and individual success;

We recognize the uniqueness of each person and treat each other with dignity;

We consistently do the right thing, even when no one is looking;

We embrace the privilege to assist others achieve their highest potential;

We consistently perform at our highest potential and seek opportunities to serve others.

Our Client Care Team

Meet Those Behind The Scenes Who Are Making the Difference

Andrea Martins
Practice Manager

"As Practice Manager, I oversee most aspects of the company, including client intake, credentialing therapists and monitoring billing. I lead our administrative staff of Passionate Professionals, and together we form a dedicated team to help you and your family receive our services in a positive, stress-free manner. I look forward to welcoming you to our Engage family!"

Paige Stamatelos, M.A., BCBA
Client Relations Manager

"As Client Relations Manager, I oversee the initial assessments and consultations of potential new clients, the interviewing of potential new therapists and behavior technicians, as well as handling all the training of new employees. I love embracing the opportunity to not only mold and build our Engage staff, but to watch first hand as our Engage Family constantly grows!"

Lane Simpson
Business Manager

"As Business Manager, I oversee many of the day-to-day operations of the administrative side of Engage. We're the behind-the-scenes staff that ensure the services we provide live up to the standards all of us Passionate Professionals hold high — because we want to be Engaged to not only one another as a dedicated staff, but with you, our Engage Family, so we're always with you in your journey to create lasting change!"

Abby Cakmak
Front Office Lead

"As Front Office Lead in the Intake Department, I get all the necessary documents from the families and obtain the authorizations for services so our therapists can help those who can't help themselves. I love being the first line of communication for new clients because then I get to form a good relationship with parents, which creates a very important partnership in the lives of their children!"

Erika Williams
Intake Specialist

"As Intake Specialist, I work with a lot of client's parents — and I feel for them because they just want the best for their child, just like all of us Passionate Professionals at Engage. Our Engage Family is important and special to us, so I love the opportunity to connect with families and help them meet their therapy needs!" 

Carmen Conrad
Client Accounts Coordinator

"As Client Accounts Coordinator, I oversee all the billing and payments for insurance providers, and while this seems like an arduous job, I look forward to it because this means a child's therapy won't be interrupted — that's important to me, and, of course, I know its very important to all of our client's parents!"

Evan Crawford
Administrative Assistant

"As Administrative Assistant, my role comes with a lot of responsibilities, but I'm more than happy to be helping out in all aspects of the Client Care Team. I realize just how important every part of the process of being a part of the Engage Family can be, so I take great pride in knowing my work makes a difference in the lives of our clients!"

Mike Camunas
Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, I may not directly help or be involved in your child’s ABA Therapy services, but that doesn’t mean I’m not aware what happens at all our clinics. In fact, I actually do see a lot of Passionate Professionals creating lasting change because I take the photos and videos you’ll see on our sites and social media accounts. And as someone with an immediate family member who is autistic, there is a special place in my inspiring heart to make sure I’m also a Passionate Professional — one that is at this company to show the world how Engage Behavioral Health is making the difference!