Engage Behavioral Health Success Stories

From something as simple as connecting with a smile, to hearing a child speak a few precious words, success can mean many things for the families of children with behavioral challenges. We’d like to share with you some of our clients’ success stories.

Nicole and Dylan's Story "He is a true success story. Jennifer and her staff at Engage are such bright, talented individuals. We truly hit a gold mine and will be forever so grateful to these wonderful, caring people! " Read more

Our 3-year-old son was diagnosed with autism and apraxia of speech. When he first started with Engage a year ago, we were worried parents desperate to get our son help. He was physically aggressive to himself and others, he didn't have the social skills to interact with his peers appropriately and his verbal communication was extremely limited. He showed very little interest in most activities and would withdraw by throwing tantrums, stimming and using any escape necessary, which usually resulted in some very challenging behaviors. As parents, we longed just to be able to sit down and teach him something, or play a simple game and watch him have enjoyment out of it.

A year on, our son is a different child! The changes in him are absolutely remarkable. Most people just think he is a typically developed little boy with a few quirks. He counts, knows his alphabet, and his social skills are coming along beautifully. He has made many friends and has regular play dates. His little friends just adore him. In fact, quite often on outings, he is the most well-behaved little boy and we often get complimented! He requests attention appropriately and can manage his frustration by talking about his feelings, instead of demonstrating them physically. He is also communicating so much more using three-to-four-word sentences. Watching him enjoying activities and being around friends brings us so much joy.

He is a true success story. Jennifer and her staff at Engage are such bright, talented individuals. We truly hit a gold mine and will be forever so grateful to these wonderful, caring people! They are always there to listen and include us every step of the way, which is also very important to us.

Words cannot express what they have done for our son. Thank you!

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A Mom of a Child with Autism "We have been using the services of Engage since April of 2010. When our oldest daughter began ABA therapy, it was as though a light came on in her. " Read more

Under the guidance and encouragement of the therapists, skills emerged that we didn't even know that she had. She showed improvement in labeling things, which helped her communication. She began to get problem behaviors under better control due to her improvement in the ability to communicate her requests. The most exciting thing was her ability to use her new skills outside of the therapy setting.

She's recently learned to use more descriptive words and now will request most things she wants with a color (a brown cookie, yellow popcorn). Under the guidance of our Engage therapists, we have discovered her ability to read sight words, and small books, as well as her ability to write words. When our second child was diagnosed, we counted on Engage to provide services for him as well. Since our second child doesn't have the language skills that our first does, Engage therapists are able to create and implement programs for him that meet him exactly where he is, and encourage him to use sounds appropriately.

We have just had our third child diagnosed and will definitely count on Engage to help be a part of that very important early intervention that she needs. We knew nothing about ABA therapy before working with Engage, and they have helped us understand its purpose, and more importantly, helped our children progress, despite their developmental disabilities!

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Heather’s Story "Working with Engage has been a wonderful experience. We cannot thank them enough for all they do." Read more

My autistic son started ABA therapy with Engage in the fall of 2010. He had never spoken a single word. After only two months of ABA with Engage, he spoke his first word: “Cookie.” He has not slowed down. He is now using multiple-word sentences, and his frustration has decreased with his ability to communicate. His therapist is amazing. She has helped him come so far, and continues to help him learn new things. She also helps us as parents by giving us tools to use on a daily basis. I am so amazed with how far my son has come, and he would not have come this far without his therapist and Engage.

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James's Story "With much pride & happiness, I very highly recommend Engage to anyone that is considering ABA therapy!" Read more

Our adorable son, James, was diagnosed under the age of 2 with ‘PDD –NOS.’ We immediately did some research and chose Engage for various reasons, and we began home-based therapy Mon-Fri beginning end-of-August 2011 to current (now: Mon-Thurs at home, and Fridays at their clinic; a superb combination).

Too much to put in this little paragraph; however, in-a-nutshell…we could not be any more impressed or happier with his phenomenal progress!!! In such a relatively short period of time, he has blossomed in various important ways, and continues to do so!    

Our Engage therapists are so talented, patient, intelligent, organized and kind! We also have at-home OT that is an excellent compliment and addition to his ABA therapy. We feel so lucky and blessed to have such an incredibly superior ‘team’ for our son!!!   

In addition to him learning & improving, much of the time, our son actually truly ENJOYS his therapy sessions; it’s very ‘play-based’. We watch, listen and learn as well to seamlessly continue and incorporate his ABA into our lives. In fact, their ABA therapy makes so much logical sense, I feel that all children, ‘typically developing' or not, should be taught in this consistent manner, because it works. I have no doubt of the incredible importance of ‘early intervention,’ and putting together a great team, and we have with Engage!

“Team James,” Palm Harbor, FL

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