We provide ABA Therapy within the customized settings where our clients’ development naturally occurs:

  • Our clinics are designed as Natural Environment Training Space, offering learners the chance to explore and interact with stimulating toys and novel activities. We provide quiet, individual workspaces, so children can begin to develop the ability to work in a classroom-like setting.
  • Our home-based services give clients the ability to learn and grow in the comfort of their own homes. Therapists spend time designing each session so that skills are taught in new and fun ways that keep our learners having fun and on their toes. Home-based ABA Therapy services are important to ensure the generalization of skills learned and to provide all family members a chance to observe ABA therapy sessions and learn techniques they can use, too.
  • Depending on what your child’s school allows, we offer several different approaches to collaborating with teachers. Our behavioral therapists can provide one-on-one shadowing to promote social interactions, facilitate compliance with classroom routines, help staff follow individualized behavior plans and utilize natural environment training to work on verbal behavior programs throughout the day. Our consultants can attend Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings, create IEP goals, train staff and conduct classroom observations.

Frequently Asked Questions about ABA Therapy and more.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes. Our services are covered by a number of insurance plans. To see if your plan covers these services, visit the Insurance and Payments portion of our website.

My child hasn‘t been evaluated or diagnosed with any conditions, but I’m concerned he/she may be behind on reaching developmental milestones. Can you help with that?

Yes. If you think your child may be exhibiting early signs of autism, Down Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, an anxiety disorder or other developmental challenges, the first step toward addressing a possible problem is getting a diagnosis. After a diagnosis is provided, our caring and highly trained staff can help your child and your family access the services and resources you need to take the next step.

My child is not formally diagnosed with autism. Can you help?

Yes! We are far more concerned with a child’s needs than his or her label. We may, however, need to discuss funding in a more detailed manner with you, as many insurance companies only cover our services for formal diagnoses.

Can you help me help my child?

Yes! We provide and highly encourage parent training. We can train you in the techniques and programs that we use for your use at home, and we can help you troubleshoot issues occurring at home. We work with you when it comes to parent training. We appreciate and respect your expertise on your child, and we want to create a team approach for helping your child.

How often should my child see his/her therapists?

Programs range from 10-40 hours per week, depending on your child’s individual needs and the location for services. The BCBA that completes your child’s initial assessment will recommend the amount of hours they think is clinically needed to master his/her individual goals.

How long are the therapy appointments?

Therapy visits are typically two hours long. However, your child’s session will be tailored to his/her individual needs. We have sessions that are 1.5-4 hours long, depending on what we are working on and the environment we are working in.

How many therapists will my child typically work with during an appointment?

Your child will work with between 2 to 5 therapists, depending on how many hours of therapy your child is receiving each week. It is critical that a minimum of 2 therapists work with each child to ensure for generalization of skills learned.

Will my child interact with other children during his/her appointments?

Children who receive services at one of our clinic locations have the opportunity to play with peers and work on social skills training. Many of our clients love coming to our office to see their friends!

Where do you provide services?

Services are provided in our clinics, as well as clients’ homes, schools., and/or community settings.

Does a parent have to be at home during in-home therapy sessions?

Yes, an adult has to be present while we are in your home. Ideally, this person will spend time during or after a session learning how to implement the programs being worked on so practice can continue when we are not there.

Does a parent have to stay at the clinic during clinic appointments?

No, you can drop your child off at the clinic. However, ideally you will spend some time in sessions with your child.

Do you accept the McKay Scholarship?

Yes, we do accept the McKay scholarship.

How do I file for intent to use a McKay Scholarship?

If you would like to file intent prior to your visit, or would like to learn more about the McKay scholarship, you may do to by visiting the Office of School Choice website – FOR EBA.