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Welcome to Engage Behavioral Health in Tallahassee FL

Choosing a therapy provider is a big step in your child’s development. At Engage Behavioral Health, we are happy you’re considering us as your provider in ABA therapy in Tampa, FL. We want you to feel comfortable with who we are and what we do at our behavioral health center.

When you join us at Engage Behavioral Health in Tallahassee, FL, you’ll be choosing the path of quality advanced behavioral counseling for your child. We believe in the individualized approach ABA therapy in Tampa, FL and the surrounding areas can have and our team is professionally equipped to handle a variety of behavioral challenges. We encourage parents to take part in their child’s programs as well so that they can bring what we offer into their daily lives at home.

We know that you have questions and we’re here to help. Let’s get started with behavioral health in Tallahassee, FL today! Contact us at (877) 350-5005 today to being our advanced behavioral counseling programs.

What Is ABA Therapy

ABA Therapy uses scientifically proven techniques and principles to address behavioral challenges and bring about meaningful and positive change in individuals’ behaviors.  ABA Therapy is targeted to the individual client, taking into account how a person’s environment influences his or her behavior, then applying ABA principles to increase or decrease targeted behaviors over time. Learn more about this unique behavioral therapy treatment.

Meet Our Team

Our team of professionals possesses a special combination of exceptional training, unwavering compassion and unparalleled dedication. Every day, we put our energies into helping our clients and their families embrace individual successes achieved through applied behavioral analysis. We encourage you to meet our Leadership Team, Supervisors and Clinical Staff by clicking to learn more..

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers. From insurance to does my child need therapy, we have answers. Please click to see our FAQs or call us at (813) 374-2070
and speak to someone about your specific situation.

ABA Therapy in Tampa at Engage Behavioral Health

At Engage Behavioral Health, we believe in the power of an individualized approach to ABA behavioral therapy. Each of our clients is unique, and each individual deserves a treatment program tailored to his or her needs. The autism spectrum is varied, let us help you find out what behavioral program best suits your needs whether it be for autism, Down Syndrome, or a related special need. ABA Therapy offered at our locations in the Tampa Bay area and Tallahassee can assist you and your family by tailoring therapy programs specifically designed for your child’s special needs.

As the leading provider of ABA Therapy in Tampa Bay and Tallahassee, we develop individualized programs for children with autism, Down Syndrome, and related special needs to allow them to learn in their natural environments. We also provide Functional Behavior Analyses at our South Tampa location to determine what aspects of the environment cause a client to engage in specific types of problem behavior.

We understand that raising a child with autism, Down Syndrome, or other behavioral difficulties takes a special combination of resilience, support and resources. We consider ourselves a partner in your child’s and family’s well-being. That means that in addition to our ABA Therapy service we also offer educational trainings and workshops, as well as other special programs to help you every step of the way.

What Makes Our Services Special

Considering ABA Therapy in Tampa or Tallahassee to address your child’s behavioral challenges whether it be autism, Down Syndrome, or a related special need? You’re in the right place. We are completely focused on each client’s and family’s needs, offering multiple service locations and flexible scheduling. Our therapists are among the most highly trained in the industry, and their dedication to the families we serve is unparalleled.

Mission Statement

Engage Behavioral Health is dedicated to enriching the quality of life for our clients with autism, Down Syndrome, or related special needs, their families and the communities we serve throughout Tampa and Tallahassee. Through our intensive staff training, we produce highly competent and dedicated professionals. Utilizing an individual approach to ABA therapy and a collaborative treatment model, Engage team members work together to produce measurable results. Our team offers clients and their families the opportunity to grow and learn together.