Engage Behavioral Health for Educators

School for a child with special needs is an extremely important piece of the treatment puzzle. Engage is committed to working with teachers to equip the client with tools that improve life skills, such as speech, problem-solving and communication. We offer an array of resources to help you with your lesson plans, and are available to assist you and your staff with training, coaching and support.

Our ABA-style approach can be integrated into your teaching to further enhance the child’s learning experience. Below are some resources to help you familiarize yourself with ABA therapy’s role in the classroom.

Our goal is to help make your classroom flow easier — not create more work for you. Together, we believe we can accomplish this goal.

If you need additional information, training for your staff, or to request documentation, click here.

Often times, students need visuals to help them understand their days and to communicate. The Token and Calming Boards below will help you guide them through work tasks and difficult situations. Together, we can utilize the same tools that will engage and educate students and clients. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

Download Calming Board here.

Download Token Board here.