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At Engage Behavioral Health, we are completely focused on the needs of the families we server. Our health center offers multiple service locations, flexible scheduling, and many autism behavioral services aimed at improving lives through individualized ABA therapy in Sarasota, FL. Our therapists are among the most highly trained in the industry and their dedication to the special needs families they serve is unparalleled.

We consider ourselves a partner in your child’s journey to lifelong, lasting change. Our verbal behavior therapy works to improve upon your child’s communication skills, which in turn will facilitate growth in all developmental areas. Our staff utilizes scientifically proven techniques within all of our autism behavioral services to promote meaningful and positive changes for your child.

Along with our verbal behavior therapy services, we also offer special programs for your child. We understand how stressful it can be to maintain a healthy family-life when your child has special needs and have developed a variety of programs to help both parents and teachers. Sign up for our ABA therapy in Sarasota, FL today and click on our services below to learn even more:


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At Engage Behavioral Health we specialize in individualized ABA Therapy. ABA Therapy uses scientifically proven techniques and principles to bring about meaningful and positive changes in behavior, taking into account how a person’s environment influences his or her behavior. We provide therapy for children and adolescents with autism, Down Syndrome, and related special needs.


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We understand the stress that comes along with maintaining a strong family relationship. That is why we offer several

special programs for families. Whether you are seeking babysitting, toilet training, or educational workshops and trainings, we can help.




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