Back to School Tips For Children With Autism

Going back to school for children with autism doesn’t have to be a challenge. By Mike Camunas, Engage Behavioral Health Marketing Manager Every year at this time, like an annual rite of passage, it’s the first day of the new school year! Kids — donning new back packs and lunch boxes and fresh school clothes — pose for […]

Strategies to Limit a Child's Challenging Behavior During Summer Break

Strategies to Limit Your Child’s Challenging Behavior During Summer Break

Summer break can be a difficult time for many families of children with disabilities.  The regular structure and routines of the school year are disrupted, sometimes resulting in the emergence of challenging behaviors.  Fortunately, there are some strategies families can implement to ease this transition and make summer break more enjoyable for everyone!  One way […]

little girl eating at table

How to Handle Feeding Difficulties

According to an article published in Pediatrics in Review (Phalen 2013) as many as 80% of children with developmental disabilities may present with feeding difficulties.  In children with autism, feeding difficulties can include limited intake, food or fluid selectivity (i.e., preference for only specific types of food or beverages), problem behavior associated with mealtimes, and […]

child eating at picnic

Tips for Bringing a Child with Autism to a Restaurant

We don’t expect children, with or without developmental disabilities, to do things like tying their shoes or playing a new game without first being taught how.  Eating in a restaurant (i.e., a new environment, probably out of routine, potential for unexpected environmental stimulation) is a skill like any other—it requires practice, antecedent management (planning), and […]