Teachers receiving training from Engage Behavioral Health to learn to create an enhanced learning environment for all students

Empowering Special Needs Educators with Resources about Behavioral Therapy in Sarasota, FL

Teaching students who have special needs can pose unique challenges for educators. Not every teacher has the time or training in behavioral therapy in Sarasota, FL that their students may require. However, that is where Engage Behavioral Health comes in. Not only do we provide assistance for children with autism and special needs and their parents at our centers, we also offer guidance and resources for teachers in a number of different settings.

To help create an enhanced learning environment for all students, we provide teachers with training, lesson plans, and tools that help integrate methods for applied behavior analysis in Tallahassee, FL into the school day. At our center, our professionals work with individual children in using the proven, scientific principles of applied behavior analysis therapy. By considering how the environment impacts behavior, we provide practical and effective instruction that assists our young clients to flourish.

Our goal is to make teachers’ lives easier by improving your classroom flow. Our resources and trainings are designed to help your special needs students improve their life skills, which includes developing skills for play, problem solving, and communication.

We provide therapy for behavioral health in Tallahassee, FL in our centers, your home, and at schools. Our professionals collaborate with teachers in a number of different ways and in a variety of different environments. This collaborative approach benefits your child by enhancing his or her learning opportunities.

Contact us today to find out the resources we provide teachers of children with special needs. We serve clients in Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Sarasota, and Leon counties in Florida. We also serve clients in Northern Virginia; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Knoxville, Tennessee. Our ABA therapy clinic locations are in Tampa and Tallahassee. Our ABA in-home service locations are in Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. See all locations »

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Trainings for Special Needs Educators

We host trainings specifically geared toward helping educators work with children with behavioral conditions such as autism other special needs.

Please contact us about scheduling a training onsite at your school.