Special Programs for Behavioral Health in Tampa, FL

At Engage Behavioral Health in Tampa, FL, we offer a variety of special programs to help children with autism and special needs learn necessary life skills at the pace that is right for them. From toilet training to feeding therapy, our Bay Area behavioral services aim to assist with all challenges your child may face.

Our North Tampa behavioral health center also offers special programs suited for parents so they can learn to better understand their child’s specific needs and behaviors. These programs also allow other parents to connect with each other and share their experiences to those who understand exactly what they’re going through. If you’re looking for behavioral health in Tampa, FL for your child, Engage has the necessary staff and facilities to help them learn.

For all of the best Bay Area behavioral services, you can rely on our staff at Engage Behavioral Health. Our North Tampa behavioral health clinic is fully equipped to handle children with a variety of behavioral needs. Call us today at (877) 350-5005 to learn how the whole family can benefit from our special programs.

Toddler in toilet training program with Engage Behavioral Health

Toilet Training

Our Toilet Training program – which has a 100% success rate – helps teach and reinforce this self-care behavior for individuals with developmental disabilities such as autism. Need to add more when I have more info?

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Parents enjoying time alone at a restaurant while their children are having fun with other children and Engage Behavioral Health staff for Parents' Night Out

Special Programs For Parents

We know that raising a child with a behavioral issue or developmental disability can be challenging for the entire family – especially parents. That’s why we offer special programs like parents night out, behavioral babysitting, toilet training, and academic tutoring.

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Mother feeding child who has learned to like a variety of nutritional foods

Feeding Therapy

Our intensive behavioral-based feeding therapy program is designed for children with limited eating habits and/or children who demonstrate problematic behaviors when presented with unfamiliar foods.

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Engage therapist working with girl on arts and crafts.

Natural Environment Training

Our Natural Environment Training Space allows special needs learners to explore and interact in an environment that is comfortable and comparable to their typical daily interactions.  Children with autism, Down Syndrome, and related special needs respond well to such spaces.

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