Engage therapist working with girl on arts and crafts.

Experience Our Behavioral Therapy in Alexandria, VA

At Engage Behavioral Health, our natural environment training space offers children with autism or other specials needs the chance to explore and interact with stimulating toys and novel activities. We utilize principles of applied behavior analysis in Tallahassee, FL to help determine issues in the environment they occur in. By identifying these behaviors, we’re able to help them learn in the most comfortable environment through our behavioral therapy in Sarasota, FL.

Quiet, individual workspaces encourage learners to develop the abilities needed to work in a classroom-like setting, all the while improving upon behavioral challenges. For those who experience difficulty in a particular setting, our sessions of behavioral therapy in Sarasota, FL can also be conducted outside of the clinic. We offer our behavioral therapy in Alexandria, VA, and other areas along the Eastern states so children and parents everywhere can experience the benefits of our services.

Through the use of applied behavior analysis in Tallahassee, FL, our analysts can focus on the immediate interests and activities of your child to aid in their cognitive development. If you’re interested in our services for behavioral therapy in Alexandria, VA, Tallahassee, FL, or any of our locations, call Engage Behavioral Health today at (877) 350-5005.

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Why Natural Environment Training is Best

Our clinic locations are set up as Natural Environment Training Space that allows learners to explore and interact in an environment that is comfortable and comparable to their typical daily interactions. We provide our behavior therapy:

  • Quiet, individual workspaces
  • Stimulating toys and novel activities
  • Structured and unstructured situations
  • Regular parental participation

By addressing behavior issues in the environment in which they occur, analysts and therapists can focus on the child’s immediate interests and activities as a guide to their cognitive behavioral therapy.

Behavioral Therapy Monitoring Progress

Our staff utilizes the VB-MAPP, the ABLLS-R or the Florida Sunshine State Standards to systematically:

  • Assess clients’ baseline skills
  • Create individualized behavior therapy programs
  • Track progress after each session