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Now Serving the Alexandria, VA and Washington DC Area! 

You know Engage Behavioral Health Services in Florida, but we are now growing into the Alexandria and DC area!

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Discovering the right solutions start here: Uncovering, "why" using Functional Behavior Assessments is the foundation of what makes us different. Obtain an individualized behavior reduction plan and start changing the future .

ABA Experts

Your goals are our goals and together we will create a behavior reduction road map. We will utilize a Functional Analysis assessment and caregiver training to guide us in creating and implementing an individualized behavior plan.  


Behavior Reduction Programs

Advance My Infant 

Advance My Toddler 

Advance My Preschooler 

Essential Life Skills

what we do

Engage Behavioral Health is dedicated to enriching the quality of life for our clients, families, and communities we serve.  Through intensive staff training we produce competent and dedicated professionals. By utilizing an individual approach to Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy and a collaborative treatment model Engage team members work together to produce measurable results. Our team offers clients and their families the opportunity to grow and lean together.


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