Engage Behavioral Health offers ABA Therapy for children with autism and related issues.

Virtual Family Support At Engage

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has over 50 years of empirical research to support the effectiveness of its science and practice on improving the lives of individuals with special needs. Despite the prevalence of ABA, many families may not have easy access to a highly trained Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). However, with improvements in technology, geography is no longer a boundary to service delivery. Research now indicates that using a telehealth consultation model can produce just as effective results as clinic and in-home services (Lindgren, 2016). Telehealth consultation allows for services to be delivered by a BCBA via secure website. Our Virtual Family Support model allows our BCBAs to utilize this methodology to provide ABA services to families who are outside of our current geographic areas.

What You Should Know About Our Virtual Family Support Program

Our Virtual Family Support program includes:

  • Functional behavior assessment and functional analysis
  • Individualized behavior treatment plans
  • Caregiver training
  • On-going consultation to ensure maintenance and generalization of treatment effects

Benefits of Virtual Family Support

  • No transportation required. Convenience of your own home
  • Access to experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts and other specialized consultants
  • Caregivers participate during each therapy session
  • Development and delivery of science-based ABA programs to teach your child language, academic, and social skills
  • Child receives services within their natural environment

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