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What You Can Expect from ABA Therapy in Sarasota, FL When You Work With Us

We sincerely appreciate the trust our clients place in us and we are deeply committed to exceeding the expectations of the families we serve. At Engage Behavioral Health in Tallahassee, FL, we understand that raising a child with special needs takes a special combination of resilience, support, and resources.

When you come to us for autism behavioral services for your child, you’ll be placing them in a natural, child-friendly space designed to cater specifically to them and their needs. We also encourage parents to take part in our ABA therapy in Sarasota, FL so they can take the techniques we use back into their home.

We consider ourselves a partner in your family’s well-being. That means that in addition to our autism behavioral services and ABA Therapy in Sarasota, FL, we also offer educational trainings and other programs to help you every step of the way. Our programs range from 10-40 hours per week and therapy visits are generally 2 hours long, depending on your child’s needs. Contact us today at (877) 350-5005 for the best behavioral health in Tallahassee, FL.

Natural Environment Training

Bringing your child into an unfamiliar environment can be challenging, particularly for parents of children within the autism spectrum and other behavior issues. We understand these challenges and have designed our offices with your child in mind. Our clinics are designed as Natural Environment Training spaces for behavior therapy, offering children the chance to explore and interact with stimulating toys and novel activities, while also learning.

Children who receive behavior therapy services at one of our clinic locations have the opportunity to play with peers and work on social skills training. Many of our clients love coming to our clinic to see their friends!

Parent Involvement

We provide and highly encourage parent training. We find it extremely important to train parents with the same techniques and programs that we use, and we can help troubleshoot issues occurring at home. We work in collaboration when it comes to parent training. We appreciate and respect the unique expertise each parent has with their child, and we want to create a team approach for helping each child in the best way possible.

Program and Appointment Length

Programs range from 10-40 hours per week, depending on your child’s individual needs and the location for services. The BCBA that completes your child’s initial assessment will recommend the amount of hours they think is clinically needed to master his/her individual goals.

Therapy visits are typically two hours long. However, your child’s session will be tailored to his/her individual needs. We have sessions that are 1.5-4 hours long, depending on what we are working on and the environment we are working in.

Please see our FAQs page for answers to the questions we’re asked most.